GMoP Volunteers

Current volunteer jobs

(1)  Person to give suggestion for FAQ on main website.

Please make contact with Admin at if you can do some of these tasks.

Sign up as a volunteer in Global Mission of Peace.

We are a growing organization, with many volunteers helping us to develop the impact of Global Mission of Peace.
The volunteer group will have webinars at need to talk about issues that concern our work.
If you want to sign up as a volunteer in Global Mission of Peace, can you please send in the following information on our contact form with the following information:

Tell us how you can help:

  • Media: Tv and web broadcasting, video production, radio-shows, publications.
  • Marketing: Designers, marketing-communication experience. Social media:
  • Search engines, web-design etc Translators.
  • Other things

Share a few sentences about yourself. Tell us a little about  why you want to join us, and your background and skills.

Max half a page.


General volunteering for the projects in process of being funded.

(1) People that want to volunteer to help individual projects.

(2) Send in data to 

(a) Name, address, phone, email

What they would like to volunteer for. Skills and experience.