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9/18/16 World Mediation/Healing Group

The profound awareness of our true purpose as a collective of ONE in heart, mind and spirit is revealing itself to me.  If you feel a resonance with this knowing, I invite you to join our Sunday Mediation and assist one another in setting a strong of field of united purpose in the essential Oneness of that which we are.  When this is accomplished, we can then be guided by our I AM Presence in the way that each of one of us individually and collectively can accomplish the greater purpose for which we have all come together.


  1. Harmonize our hearts, minds and souls in unity consciousness to connect with the Cosmos Christ for personal and planetary transformation and healing.  


  1. Prayers for the departed soul of David Alley and for his wife, Nancy Alley.

  2. Prayers for the healing of the Ambassador and for new baby Lindstrom and family.

  3. Prayers of healing for our family members, especially those who are dealing with healing and health issues.

  4. Protection of the Ambassador, Underwriters, GMoP Core Team, Organizers & Family.


9/25/16 Next World Mediation/Healing Group - 

Every Sunday 12:00 pm PDT

Zoom Meeting ID: 981 395 3462 

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